Membership Opportunity

Membership Opportunity

3000 INR
10,000 INR
5000 INR
1500 INR

To disseminates knowledge on latest development in life sciences including agricultural sciences through publications, seminars, conferences, trainings, meetings and outreach activities

Life Member: All persons who will be interested in promoting the objectives of the society and who have completed 21 years are eligible for the membership of the society. Application along with the requisite fee must be submitted either to the Secretary or the treasurer in prescribe format. This will be a onetime payment towards the society and the life members will be eligible and informed about the functions of the societies through emails or Whatsapp or Website notifications

Corporate members: Scientific organization and other societies can also become members of the society

Honorary members: Eminent persons who have made valuable contributions towards the promotion of life sciences may be nominated by the executive body as the Honorary members

Student Members: Any student or young professionals or young researchers studying in recognized college or universities can enroll as a student member with a fee given in the application format.